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2020 Winter Golf League

League structure

  • 12 teams of two golfers

  • Round Robin format

  • 9-hole rounds/week

  • 12 weeks of regular play + playoff round



  • We encourage participants to schedule their 9-hole rounds on Monday and Thursday evenings; however, golfers can play their tournament rounds any time during business hours when simulators are available, completing them weekly by close of business on Saturdays and teammates do not need to golf at the same time.

  • The league will kick off Sunday, February 9, with Week 1 rounds completed by Saturday, Feb. 15, and will continue each week until the final week of April 26—May 2.

  • Scores will be calculated and announced Sunday, May 3, and the top-four teams will enter a playoff round.


Tournament fees & prizes

  • Participation fees are $30 per team per week

  • Prizes will be awarded in the form of CityGate campus gift cards redeemable at Tap In Pub, Hotel Arista, Arista Spa & Salon, Che Figata, Zorba, CityGate Grille and Lavazza and include:

    • 1st Place: $100/team

    • 2nd Place: $75/team

    • 3rd Place: $50/team

    • 4th Place: $25/team


Reserving tee times

All tee times require a reservation and payment of the $30 fee to golf. Monday and Thursday evenings will be earmarked for League golfers; Unreserved Monday tee times will be released to the public on Saturday evening, and Thursday times on Tuesday evening. Reservations must be made by phone at 331-457-5798. Reservations may be made in advance for all 12-weeks of play.



The front 9 holes of the first 12 courses on the simulator program will be played and scored for the tournament. Those courses are:

  1. Banff Springs

  2. Bayhill

  3. Beth Page Black

  4. Cabo Del Sol

  5. Doral

  6. Harbour Town

  7. Kettle Creek

  8. Kiawah Island

  9. Nicklas North

  10. Pacific Dunes

  11. Pebble Beach

  12. Pinehurst No 2


After the 12 weeks have ended we will take the top 4 teams for the playoffs based off of the points earned each week: #1 vs #4 and #2 vs #3 based on the regular season records


Winners play for the championship, losers play for 3rd place



  • Players play head to head player 1 plays player 1, player 2 plays player 2

  • Each hole is worth 1 point per winning player

  • Team with the lowest combined score earns 1 point

  • No point issued if players tie the hole

  • Each week is worth a maximum of 27 points

  • All players will have a handicap which will be adjusted every 2 weeks

  • Prizes are  $100 for the 1st place team, $75 for the 2nd place team $50 for the 3rd place team $25 for the 4th place team

  • In the event of 2 teams being tied at the end of the season for a playoff spot the tie breaker will be: #1 head-to-head match up during the season #2 coin toss