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How to Create the Perfect Sports Bar Experience

There are as many different kinds of sports bars as there are people who want to enjoy them, so how do you choose one with confidence that you and your friends will have a great time? If your friends elected you to find the next spot for everyone to meet on game day, we are here to help you select a place where you will have a fantastic experience. Look for these four qualities as you search for a new spot to try!

Great Food

There are plenty of places to watch the game, but why settle for overpriced, less-than-mediocre food options if you don’t have to? Look for a sports bar that offers real, made-in-house appetizers, sandwiches and entrees to avoid a disappointing meal. There’s a huge difference between warmed-up freezer snacks and housemade guacamole on some delicious tacos. Put a few extra dollars in your gameday budget and enjoy food that makes your taste buds and your stomach happy!

Drink Options

Every sports bar is going to have the basics of beer and some cocktails, so pay attention to the specials each place offers and if they have something unique you want to try, that can be fun too! Bonus points if the sports bar offers a special for pitchers of beer, since beer is a crowd-pleaser and you’ll get a better deal on buying for the whole group.

Excellent Service

As easy as it may be to overlook quality service as an important factor in your decision, don’t undermine the significant role that service plays in your experience as a whole! If the staff do their job well, you might not even notice their presence most of the time. On the other hand, if the staff are inattentive, rude or incompetent you will definitely notice. A good way to look for great service is to browse a handful of the sports bar’s latest Google/Yelp reviews and see what people are saying.

The WOW Factor

What makes a sports bar stand out? What is that “WOW!” factor that sets one apart and helps to create the perfect sports bar experience for you and your friends? Is it the friendly staff, fun theme nights or atmosphere that you value most? Maybe a sports bar gets extra points for offering activities such as foosball, corn hole, or digital golf! Keep your eye out for unique offerings that might take your gameday experience from better to best.

Tap in Pub: The Perfect Sports Bar Experience

If you want to plan a sports bar experience for you and your friends that they will be talking about for weeks to come, give us a try! We offer a variety of gourmet food options including delicious sandwiches, hearty burgers, creative pizzas, and tasty tacos. We also offer excellent service, drink specials you’ll be excited about, and you and your friends can experience something new with our hi-definition, realistic indoor golf simulators. So, come on in to Tap In Pub for the perfect sports bar experience!