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Naperville Indoor Golf Range Simulator: Golf Through the Winter Months

Updated: Dec 18, 2019

Do you dream of moving to Florida or Arizona where the warmer weather allows you to work on your golf game all year long? Or maybe you golf for as long as you can into the fall and as early as you can in the spring, even if conditions aren’t great, just to enjoy another round of your favorite game.

If you are a golf fanatic and you find it frustrating that Illinois weather doesn’t allow you to enjoy endless rounds all year long, we’ve got some great news for you!

Our Indoor Golf Range Simulators

The indoor golf range simulators at Tap in Pub are not just a glorified video game, they are a high-tech experience. We have two of these HD simulators, which use computer-vision technology to create an incredibly realistic golf adventure.

Our software allows you to play on real, famous courses from around the world right here in Naperville. You’ll use a real club to swing and the computer will simulate realistic sights and sounds as you play against yourself or some friends!

If you’ve never had the chance to visit popular courses such as Pebble Beach, St. Andrews, Torrey Pines, or the Blue Monster in real life, now is your chance. You’ll be amazed by the views and inspired by the new terrain, plus you’ll get to try these famous courses for a great price! You can rent an HD indoor golf range simulator for just $30 an hour, and the clubs are free.

Other Perks

While you enjoy our indoor golf range simulators, you also have access to the rest of Tap in Pub’s offerings. Our TVs always have sports games on (we are, after all, a sports bar)! We feature delicious food options on our menu, going above and beyond the average sports pub fare. Maybe on your 6th hole, you’ll suddenly crave some tacos. We got you!! You don’t even have to pause your game to ride the golf cart to the club restaurant, you can keep playing and just have our serving staff bring you whatever you want!

We also have drink specials every day and our guests can’t stop remarking how helpful and friendly our staff is. It brings us pride and joy to make sure that your time here at Tap in Pub is fun, relaxing, and enjoyable.

Of course, you can also host a party or event at Tap in Pub and the HD indoor golf range simulators will be included with your food/beverage package! Whether you just want some snacks or a full lunch/dinner buffet, we have something for every budget. Booking an event with us ensures that everyone wins since we take care of the details and you can enjoy your party with your family and/or friends.

Book a Tee Time

Ready to try our indoor golf range simulator this holiday season? Book a tee time here! You can also stop in to try our food and enjoy our fun atmosphere anytime.