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Why Indoor Driving Range Simulators Are One of the Fastest Growing Trends

Updated: Dec 18, 2019

When you love the game of golf, you love everything about it—except maybe water and sand traps, unless you crave the challenge of escaping those. The closely trimmed fairways, the ultra-smooth greens, the challenge of staying out of the rough, the sweat running down your back, and the cold, refreshing brew that brings 18 great holes to a close—you love it all. Why, then, are indoor driving range simulators one of the fastest growing trends?

Not Just for the Driving Range

Indoor driving range simulators are not just driving ranges anymore. Instead, you can choose between a driving range set-up and a full, 18-hole course virtually anywhere in the world. This way, you can pick your challenge and see how much you’ve improved your game as well.

Not only can you choose your challenge, you can play golf year-round—during the gloomy, freezing cold winter months, the springtime months that act like winter, and the rainy days that just don’t seem to want to let go of the Chicago area just yet.

More Technology, Less Intimidation

For golfers of all skill levels, from experts to those just starting, golf simulators take the intimidation factor out of learning or practicing. It gives you the chance to try out that new putter or driver, or try that new technique, without having to chase a dozen balls or screwing up your handicap.

Technology has made indoor driving range simulators a whole lot more fun than those from years ago. You have so many play options that you probably won’t be able to exhaust them. Or, you can be a broken record and keep doing the same shot over and over again. After all, practice does get you a lot closer to perfect.

Today’s units are also incredibly realistic, thanks to their impressive technology that not only makes you feel as though you are actually on the course, but also analyzes your swing. They do this by measuring the path, ball speed, launch angle, the club head speed, club face rotation at impact, face angle, and swing tempo to give you not only instant, but highly accurate feedback.

Simulators have become so popular that the National Golf Foundation last year estimated that roughly 4 million people in the U.S. play on golf simulators and about half of them have never set foot on a golf course.

Endless Course Options

In addition to the high definition that golf simulators at Tap in Pub have, they also allow you to choose from hundreds of famous golf courses all over the world. Have you always wanted to play the twist and tumble at Royal St. George’s, taking the semi-blind shots like the pros and escaping deep pot bunkers? Have you dreamed of playing the old course at St. Andrews or Ballybunion in Ireland? Now you can!

Food and Drink Just the Way You Like Them

At Tap in Pub, there is no waiting for the 18th hole, or stocking your cooler. All you have to do is walk in, and our highly-trained and attentive serving staff will fix you up with your favorite drink while you set up play on our indoor driving range simulator.

Once you get cruising along, place your order for some of the best pub food in town and get ready to enjoy a juicy burger or perfectly cooked wings. And don’t worry, playing 18 holes won’t take you nearly as long to play in HD as it does in real life, so you can stop by after work to get a little relaxation on and no one has to know.

Give us a call at (331) 457-5798 to reserve your tee time. We can’t wait to meet you!