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How Using an Indoor Golf Simulator Can Keep Your Game Sharp

Updated: Dec 18, 2019

It’s that time of year when it seems like winter is never going to end. Between teasing temps in the ’40s alternating with high winds, icy rain and a smattering of snow, it can be pretty miserable. Instead of letting the gloomy weather get to you, using an indoor golf simulator can keep your game sharp and your mind busy.

This is the time to take a close look at your game and which areas you need to work on. Don’t sugar-coat it—look at every aspect of your game from stance through swing and evaluate every nuance so you can avoid a rusty game and slow start when the links open up again. This is also a great time to experiment in ways you can’t on the course.

Choosing Your Course

Before you get going, you’ll need to choose the course you want to play. At Tap In Pub, we have the world’s best courses available on our HD indoor golf simulators—from the Old Course at St. Andrews, Scotland, to Pebble Beach, Rich Harvest Farms, Pinehurst No. 2, The Blue Monster, and many more. If you’ve dreamed of playing it, we probably have it available for you.

Indoor Advantages

Once you’ve identified the weak areas you want to work on, it’s time to get swinging! Simulators give you feedback that even a PGA Pro can’t give you—at least not to the detailed level you will be getting. Use the information on speed, swing path, clubface angle, distance, and spin to make corrections, and do it over and over again until you are consistently achieving the goals you set.

Having trouble with your putting? Use this time to make some subtle changes to see if they work better. It might feel awkward to begin with but taking the time to do it over and over will help it to feel more natural. This is the best place to maximize your time and effort since you won’t have to be chasing the balls that miss the mark.

Used consistently, golf simulators can be a game-changer and will have you stepping onto the course with more confidence than ever before.

Relax and Have Fun

Put all that practice into play with a few friends. You’ll quickly find that it doesn’t always have to be analysis and practice. Challenge them to a fun game—the only thing that’s missing is the golf cart, the sand stinging your face when trying to get out of the trap, and that one sprinkler head you always seem to trip over.

The jokes, teasing, laughs, competition and camaraderie that brings you all together on a Saturday morning will still be there. No lightning detectors are required, but you will find that the simulators are so realistic that not only does it sound like you are right there, you might end up thinking you can smell the ocean when playing Pebble Beach.

Bites and Booze

Whether you are working on your game or hanging with the guys, don’t forget to reward yourself for that hard work and focus with some food and drinks. Our chef has designed the perfect menu to whet your appetite, from Cajun fish tacos to brisket, hand-packed burgers, and grilled pesto chicken—and there is always the perfect beer or drink to go along.

Reserve a Tee Time

Give us a call at (331) 457-5798 to reserve a tee time. We can’t wait for you to come in, take on some courses, pull up a barstool when you’re done, and watch the game. We won’t be strangers for long.