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Sports Bar in Naperville With a Twist

Are you a golf fanatic that will do anything to up your game? Are you looking for something realistic, with all the sights and sounds of the course you choose? Something you can use to sharpen all aspects of your game, where you get feedback to rival the best golf pro? Then this sports bar in Naperville, with a twist, is right up your fairway.

The Course You’ve Always Dreamed of

What golf course keeps popping up in your dreams? Which one, if you were offered a free trip, would have you jumping up and down (or at least giving a fist pump)? If that free trip hasn’t materialized yet, you have another option that can almost have you believe you’re there and have you teeing up in less time than it takes to get your clubs out of winter storage.

At Tap in Pub, we have HD golf simulators so realistic that you can hear the whiff of the ball as it flies over the green and has you scoring your first birdie of the season.

Get Feedback Like a Pro

Of course, if you happen to watch the sand erupt instead when your ball hits the trap, the simulator will analyze your swing, and you will get the feedback you need to make changes so you can avoid a similar fate at another hole.

Golf simulators use many different systems to analyze your swing and give you feedback, including mats, sensors, sonic sound systems, optical sensor arrays, camera tracking systems, and radar. You can also plug in your handicap and look at the playback of your swing. The addition of high definition takes you from standing on a mat and puts you right in the game.

The Highs and the Lows

Whether you play golf as a competitive sport against friends and business associates or against yourself, most players experience highs and lows. If you haven’t experienced golf simulators before, it won’t take long for you to figure out the raw power from a well-struck ball feels just as amazing on a simulator as on the green. Likewise, screwing up a shot can be just as painful.

Simulators, just like when you are hitting the turf, let you celebrate a great shot with your friends and savor the victory of that moment.

Enjoy Great Food and Drinks

While you are playing or practicing, take the time to kick back and enjoy yourself. At Tap in Pub, we have a great selection of craft beers, top-shelf liquor, and wine. Pair them with any of our menu offerings—burgers, brisket, hot dogs, tacos, salads and much more.

Reserve a Tee Time

This is real golf--real courses, real swings, real sights & sounds, real amazing. Come play the best so you can be the best. Give us a call at Tap in Pub to reserve your tee time.