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Tap in Pub vs Top Golf

Going out for drinks and dinner doesn’t always cut it anymore. Many people want to enjoy an experience beyond food and drink on their night out, including arcades, bowling alleys, and wine and paint studios. Places like Top Golf - a modern range where you competitively hit golf balls at targets - or Tap in Pub are also becoming popular. Both locations offer engagement that transcends sitting down and having small-talk conversations all evening. So, what extra fun does Tap in Pub offer, and how is this particular golf experience different from Top Golf?

The Golf Experience

Tap in Pub’s HD Indoor Golf Simulators are incredibly realistic and allow you to play on actual courses from around the world. As you swing a real club, the computer picks up your movements and portrays the ball’s velocity and distance accordingly. You are indoors the entire time which means you can enjoy a game of golf on any day of the year.

Top Golf is a totally different type of golf competition. Rather than playing 9 or 18 holes on a course, the goal is to hit various parts of three different colored targets in the range, depending on which game you decide to play. Each player takes turns swinging from your platform and a screen keeps track of each person’s score, similar to bowling.

The Menu

Tap in Pub offers gourmet classics such as burgers, sandwiches, salads, tacos, appetizers, wings, and pizza. Tap in Pub offers daily food and drink specials and a standard bar for guest’s beverage orders.

Top Golf offers similar fare with the addition of weekend brunch options and a wide selection of seasonal and specialty drinks.

The Price

Tap in Pub offers realistic golfing on actual courses for $30/hour. This price does not include any food or beverages consumed during this time. Food and beverage packages for parties do include 2 hours of golf simulator play, however.

To reserve a bay at Top Golf, you need to look for what reservation times are available. Some reservation times require an additional fee. Next, you have to see which hourly rate is associated with the time you want to go. The earlier in the day, the cheaper. At the Top Golf in Naperville, afternoon rates are $37/hour and evening rates are $47-$49/hour. Plus, each player needs a membership card which costs $5 the first time you visit.

Both Tap in Pub and Top Golf can be great places to enjoy a date night, get-together, or party. Selecting which place is right for you depends on your budget, availability, and what kind of golf experience you’re looking for.

Tap in Pub

If you decide you want to try a high-tech, HD golf simulator experience, reserve a tee time at Tap in Pub! We’d love to provide gourmet food, refreshing drinks, and a fun atmosphere all at a great price for your next evening out.