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The Ultimate Guide to Your 2019 NFL Fantasy Draft

Whether you’re going to a draft party or sitting at home, fantasy drafts are an adrenaline rush for everyone! No matter if you are a beginner, expert, or simply determined to win, there is something for everyone in this ultimate guide to your 2019 NFL fantasy draft, from resources to advice.

Sure, it can be intimidating if you haven’t entered the world of fantasy football before, but once you’ve spent some time reading through this guide, and explored the resources we’ve compiled for you, you’ll be better equipped to hold your own.

Don’t make the mistake of thinking this is a men-only world. Plenty of women love football and put together teams that are just as impressive as men. It all comes down to your love for the game, the time you spend learning the nitty-gritty of how it works, and who you choose in the draft. Have a little fun and challenge a friend to see who picks the better team.

Do Your Research

It’s always a good idea to do your homework on specific players, potential breakout players, and bust players, but you’d better do it quickly—most fantasy football leagues are set to be drafted over the next two weeks.

In addition to the tips found here, there are a lot of other good resources out there to find information on players you are interested in, and a whole lot more. There are a couple you can pay $10 or less for: The Ultimate Cheat Sheet from Fantasy Alarm and SportsLine’s 2019 Fantasy Football Draft Bible. Both say they’ll give you everything you need to know, straight from the experts—things like rookie breakdowns, coaching analysis, and strategy tips.

There are also some free resources to choose from, including SportingNews.com’s Cheat Sheet, Rankings, Sleepers, Team rankings and Draft Advice. Not only do they cover all that ground, they note, “But we also have the psycho-level stuff, such as IDP advice, best ball tips, dynasty/keeper advice, ESPN vs. Yahoo rankings comparison, college fantasy rankings, and much more.”

Fantasy Football Calculator also offers a free Cheat Sheet (Standard) from default rankings as of Aug. 21.

For the Beginners

Mock drafts can be very helpful to get an idea where players are being drafted, on average. That will help you gauge what rounds you need in order to snag up your tight end and quarterback in the mid-to-late rounds.

For beginners, the first quick tip would be: don’t give the hometown discount to your favorite player. We know you love him, but most of the time it’s not worth drafting that player at an unreasonably high draft position, especially when you could be getting a player with more talent for your team instead. The urge will always be there, yes, but your championship is more important than that.

Drafting players from other teams will make your Sunday more interesting by rooting for certain players from other teams. Besides, you will always cheer on your favorite player, and he’ll never know if your loyalties are a little skewed thanks to your fantasy team.

Handcuffing Like an Expert

Handcuffing is a term used when you draft a backup player to a high-draft pick, someone you think is a high injury risk, someone with early-season suspensions, or when a player holds out. This is something every fantasy player be should familiar with after last year because of Le’Veon Bell, a popular, first-overall draft pick.

He told everyone how it would be his biggest season yet, just to end up holding out the entire season and absolutely destroying everyone who drafted him on their team. That is UNLESS you drafted his handcuff, James Conner, who ended up a top-five, fantasy running back last year.

Make sure when drafting a running back, you’re drafting players that don’t have a ton of shared time. For instance, when your running back is a split back as with David Montgomery and Tarik Cohen (sorry Bears fans) or he doesn’t get all the carries, such as when they aren’t goal line backs or are only first and second down backs.

One of the biggest things to look into when drafting is your quarterback in later rounds while stacking up wide receivers and running backs in early rounds. A quarterback is a replaceable player. On average, the point spread between the top and middle is not that drastic compared to running backs and wide receivers. A quarterback is a bigtime matchup position, and lower end QB’s have breakout games when playing poor defenses. Many winning teams are strictly quarterback streamers where they keep no permanent player and strictly play matchups by going on the waiver wire to pick them up.

This brings us to the most important tip for winning your league—the waiver wire. It is the single, most important way of coming out on top. Be the first person to recognize talent before anyone else does, and that could be a league winner. Granted, a part-time football fan will struggle to know the up-and-coming, big-deal, possible breakout candidates, but there are many podcasts and TV shows strictly marketing these players.

In most cases, the league winner has picked up a few solid players in later weeks during the year. If you’re looking like a top-five team by week 11-12 you just have to make the top four and anything can happen in the playoffs!

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