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What to Do on a Friday Night? Crack a Cold One with the Boys

Updated: Dec 18, 2019

It’s been a brutal week at work, and it looks like next week is going to be more of the same. Outside it’s so hot and humid you’re sweating before you get to your car. All you want to do is blow off some steam, so what should you do on a Friday night? Crack a cold one with the boys!

At Tap in Pub, you and the boys can kick back and relax after the week you’ve had. Between our serving staff and all the fun you can have here, we’ve got you covered. We have the perfect place for you to let that weight drop off your shoulders so you can feel refreshed and relaxed when it’s time to head home.

Great Food and Drinks

Friday night with the boys means excellent food and drinks need to be close at hand. Our servers will make sure you have exactly what you want with no fuss. Looking for the latest craft beer? Or domestic long necks? Or maybe a Manhattan or Long Island iced tea? No problem! Whatever is on your short list, we have it for you.

And when you’re hungry, we can help you get your food on! Craving some tacos with a wedge of lime to squeeze over the top? Or maybe some spicy wings or a juicy burger are calling your name. No matter what you choose, you’ll quickly find out we are big into the freshest food – the savory and the sweet – long on flavor, and fast from kitchen to table.

Cheer Your Team On

While you’re here with the boys, why not pull up a bar stool and cheer your team to victory? We have large screen TVs all over, so no matter if you love hockey, baseball, or soccer—or all of them!—you won’t miss the next grand slam or hat trick.

During the season, keep an eye out for drink specials and special dinner events that pair an exclusive menu with a variety of beers or other beverages. They vary from time to time, but always taste great and give you the chance to try something different.

Patio Life

If you love the outdoors, but don’t feel like going for a hike, take a short stroll out to our patio instead. Enjoy the outdoors, a cold drink and laughing with the guys while lights dance overhead and the evening breeze chases away the heat from the day.

Some Friendly Competition

If you feel the need to pound out your frustrations, why not use our HD golf simulators and hit that little ball down the fairway of your favorite course? Let us transport you and the guys to Pebble Beach (or any other course you choose) for a friendly round of golf.

Smell the tang of ocean salt in the air as you tee off, and you’ll just about feel the breeze in the air when you get to the green and stay under par. And don’t forget, you can enjoy all this and still get top-notch feedback on your swing, helping you to improve your game hole after hole.

Come see us at Tap in Pub this Friday to crack a cold one with the boys! We’ll be waiting. You can find us at 2155 CityGate Lane, Naperville.